Effective Project Communication Strategy


We at Ebiz Media Solutions firmly believe that communication is the essence of any project work life. A successful project manager should be great at communication. Nevertheless we create a high- level communication management plan which includes being able to effectively tune to the client’s requirements, act on feedback, pose the issues and foster harmony on the whole.

More effective communication = Better project management

Project Analysis

Initial project development is planned and initiated after listening carefully to what the client wants, We share the project SRS with our website development team so that a detailed research and analysis can be done in order to design workflow model to understand the limitations and requirements.

Project first Meeting

Once the project agreement has been done initial meetings between teams and clients are advised to talk about vital project deliverables, the process to be followed closely, project scope, time period involvement, resource charging and payment procedures. Our Business Analyst Expert may arrange a client meeting with all the dedicated Project manager and associates who are likely to be involved all through.

Clear, Correct & Concise Information

From the very start of the project our team members, assert precision, clarity, concision, and correctness of the information and conversation they trade-off with the client and raise that among the concerned project teammates, both leaders and managers.

Single Point of Contact

In order to avert complexities and confusions in communication we maintain a single point of communication and assure clear and effective interaction. The data and information become focused and easily accessed. However, in specific cases, the client is free to contact anybody from the team as an individual on a matter related to any specific issue.

Project Workflow Accessibility

Once we are on the project, we brief the project documentation details and make it easily accessible for everyone’s citation on shared folders or the project communication tools like Jira so that everyone involved in the project can have an insight of the present state of the project workflow.

Privacy & Security

We understand the vulnerability of the project details and client informations. Our team members at Ebize Media solutions are bound to keep the client information within the offices any outflow of such information would be a breach of privacy policy contract.

Modern Tools for Project Management

We put in to use all of the modern project management tools namely Jira, GitLab and Hubstaff so that the work efficiency and accessibility can be raised among all involved- client, project manager, team leaders and team members.

Proactive & Upfront

Project management is not a smooth sailing all the time. We have to face challenges and issues during the development phase of the project at times, but the best part about our team is that we immediately inform the Project Manager and client. We invest our time in looking for a solution, without wasting any time in back firing the problems.

Timely Reviews

We believe that regular review about work is important in order to maintain the quality of the project. We schedule meetings on weekly or fortnightly basis as per the convenience of the client and as could be the requirement of the project.

Complete Documentation

Things discussed in the meetings if documented well could be put to use appropriately.
Our documentation process comprises of procedures, feedbacks, and consolidation of all resources with a view to make sure easy sharing and references. Even the emails and skype chats are recorded for any further communication.

Status Reports

Timely project status reports could be sent to the client to share the details about the project development. This gives an insight about the project minutely what is being done and what is left so that the client can give a feedback and take action if required.

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